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I think she wants to hunt my stand I think she wants to hunt my stand


Love this guy. Thanks dad

Love this guy. Thanks dad

Uncle lew

Uncle lew











July 2010- Life on the water

July floats are an amazing time to be on the water. 2010 was as good as ever. It is always such a pleasure to spend time with good folks living on the river in the middle of one of the world’s great cycles- the Alaskan salmon runs.

Fishing was incredible but completely different from a typical July trip. This was due to the unusually high water levels and cold water temperatures. Lake trout were prolific the entire float. We were hooking them drifting nymphs and swinging big streamers. These are truly beautiful fish with shark like tendencies and are also delicious.

Rainbow fishing was slow by Alaska standards during July for the entire peninsula. With the cold water many of these migratory fish had left their normal haunts for the deep water of the lakes they usually winter in. We did have a great time picking away at them and boated good fish every day. We were all the more appreciative of seeing their bright red stripes rip past and dance downstream.

You can never prepare someone for seeing the Sockeye salmon run in full swing. With all its braids and side channels plugged with moving walls of chrome silver fish the attitude of the river changes. This year’s run seemed hyper charged from the high water and we had some of the best salmon fishing I have ever seen. We were catching many of these on large leech patterns on the swing but the majorities were caught nymphing. Watching your indicator submerge and setting into eight pounds of muscle designed to thrive in the open ocean, rocket through a gauntlet of nets, bears, and fast water is like grabbing a bus going thirty miles an hour. In smaller side channels these fish will often get airborne a handful of times and you have to keep them out of the brush much like snook or tarpon in the mangroves. In deep water you don’t have any choice but to let them rip line downstream until you can put your back into it and swing them into some slower water to keep from getting spooled. I am always amazed by the power of these fish.

Grayling fishing was fabulous with the cooler water. It’s so nice to pick up a light rod and toss dry flies to rising fish. When you hit it right one can get spoiled by the sheer number of these beautiful fish.

The bears were having a great season as well. All the guests were quite used to enjoying their meals or fishing, while watching these giant animals, by the end of the trip. What always starts out as a mad dash for cameras turns into quiet appreciation and amazement by the floats conclusion.

As always, I must thank my guides Jeff Brazda and Jason Czerwonka for doing nothing short of an excellent job in making the trips happen. I also would like to thank all our guests for sharing good times and good stories on the water with us.

Good Fishing and Good Luck,

Christian Elwell

Owner, Borealis Outdoor Adventures

  • . We were fortunate this year to have Joe Mcumber of Bete Productions along to film our exploits and capture a glimpse of what it is like to take part in a journey down one of the last frontier’s Wild and Scenic  rivers. To receive a DVD please contact: Borealis Outdoor Adventures at (607)227-2826 or email:

B.O.A. does turkeys

Gobblers have been going loud and strong since the beginning of the season on May 1st. Check out B.O.A. guide Matt Richards with a beautiful eastern bird he took with his bow on opening day.

spring bear and gobblers

May is coming up quickly bears are creeping out of there dens up north and the gobblers are screaming back east. Should be great gobbler hunting here in New York State. Check back periodically to see how we fared this year! Thanks!

BOA Gearing up for another great season

Should be another great season for monster trout in western alaska. Lots of new river to check out.

First Post from King Salmon Alaska!

Welcome to King Salmon Alaska Fishing with Borealis Outdoor Adventures